Past DemoCamps and Presenters!

DemoCamp56 on Mar 13 2024:
- Trypscore, gamifying safe driving!
- Woundmap, using AI to assist medical professionals in wound care
- HackEd projects (always the most impressive as they were made in a weekend!): FindER, PowTracker, BotCreator, and Chikanma
- QuoteToMe, helping project managers get the quotes and supplies they need fast

DemoCamp 55 on Dec 6 2023:
- The team from with their LLM tool for Realtors
- HackEd Beta teams! Students with AutoQuiz, Simple Logic, and Energy Conserver
- The Talos team with their "autocomplete on steroids" tool for developers
- Ryan from Lit with a light up hat that responds to sound
- Jason from TrajectoryIQ with their latest product -
- Mark from Standard Field with their field sobriety test

DemoCamp 54 on Sep 20 2023:
- TheDrive.AI taking LLMs to the personal level
- Emily with StoryCity showing us how we can get to know our communities in a fun way
- The SpectraCann team with their breathalyzer for THC
- Stephen from VinoAI helping us pick wine that is suited to our tastes
- Loose Seconds demoing their game from Global GameJam 2023
- Kyle from Exo literally showing us his heart on stage (ultrasound!)
- Cody with LaterPlz, a tool he built to streamline and organize content

DemoCamp 53 on June 14 2023:
- Inflexion Games showing us their latest video game Nightingale
- Patrick Pilarski, Amii Fellow, showing us his VR world
- Clavis Studios with their interior design platform (design it - then buy it!)
- True Angle with their medical device
- Beamdog with their very cool 80s style video game Mythforce
- (which is where this site was built!!!)
- Some UfoA students with AR Biosphere and a surprise Rick Roll....